Pastor's Message

May 2016


 Do you have a favorite Bible story? Do you have a passage of scripture that you consider your life verses? I am always thankful to hear others talk and discuss their favorites.  Where did you learn your favorite verse or story from? Did it come to you from a family member, friend, pastor or a Sunday school teacher? There are passages that touch us at different points in our lives. They speak into our joys and into our pain. The living Word of God is there for us always but the Holy Spirit helps it to speak to us deeply just when we need in throughout the various seasons of our lives. I know this to be true for myself but have also seen this to be true for the various churches I have worked with.


In the course of the morning, at our Elder and Deacon retreat, I asked those gathered to explore the Bible. I asked them to look for a Biblical story that they believed we as a church are living right now. They broke up into their table groups and went to various corners of the church to begin walking through the Bible looking for our story. It was great to hear the laughter and questions coming up as they talked about the life of our church, our history and where we are right now. They tested out various stories and passages but settled on three.


One group came back and shared Luke 10:38-42, the familiar story of Mary and Martha. The work of duty alongside the need to hear what the Lord has to teach is clear in this passage. The scripture also asks: Where might we be missing times to be Mary as we get caught in the Martha moments of our church life? Where might we be the best of both as we care for our community?


Then another group picked 2 Corinthians 8:1-8. This passage talks about the challenges the church in Macedonia faced and yet how generous they were sharing their gifts and joys as they seized opportunities. They were a church that gave beyond their means as they sought to love God and their neighbors.


And finally our third group offered John 21:1-8. This passage we heard in April has the disciples fishing and Jesus on the shoreline waiting with breakfast. The grief of change, the return to doing what you know, not fulfilling potential, not seeing Jesus right away, and a change of direction were all lifted up out of these verses.


It was a rich conversation, important questions were asked and insights drawn.  We will continue to unpack and explore the themes lifted up.


I wonder if you have a Bible story that you think belongs to us right now? Think through the stories you know. Maybe leaf through a children’s Bible to remember some stories. I’d love to hear what catches your heart.


We are blessed here at Kingston Presbyterian with strong leaders, with the Word and Spirit to guide us and with a wonderful church family. Let us be encouraged as we move forward in faith and let us continue to ask big questions and seek faithful answers as God opens to us our next chapter here at KPC.


Pastor Sharyl


Don’t forget to wear RED on

Sunday, May 15, it’s Pentecost!