Steeple Renovation Project

The KPC Steeple Project

In June 2014 the Session approved the formation of the Steeple Task Force. The role of the Steeple Task Force is to communicate with KPC’s members, friends, and neighbors about the historical impact of the planned steeple renovation, the progress of the renovation, and plans for funding the project.

The Steeple Task Force

Brad Clifton, Co-Chairperson

Nancy Wright, Co-Chairperson

Tony Baionno

Charles Bushnell

Rev. Sharyl Dixon

Jean Gibson

Scott Hodge

Florence Perren-Diaz

Amy Raduzycki

Peggy Richardson

Janet Rubinstein  

Alice Wright

Teddy Zhou


Please click on these links for details and updates about the Steeple Renovation:


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For an Update on the Installation Date 

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For the Steeple Funding Progress Report


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