Update - Steeple Installation - Week of April 20, 2015

The excitement grows as we near the date when our steeple will again stand tall over the village of Kingston. The Kingston community has been eagerly anticipating the installation of the Steeple which was delayed by the extreme winter weather. But the long wait is over. The refurbished bell was shipped from Ohio to Campbellsville for installation in the bell vault.

The newly replicated bell vault and spire, and the finial were shipped on 3 trailers from Kentucky on Monday, April 20th, and arrived in Kingston on Wednesday, April 22nd. On Thursday and Friday the parts will be assembled in the driveway and parking lot of the church. The BIG LIFT will take place on Saturday, April 25th in three stages. The bell vault will be lifted by the crane 1st, the spire 2nd, and the finial will be taken up with a man.

Meanwhile the Steeple Fund continues to grow, thanks to the good response from our congregation as well as friends and neighbors of KPC. Since our last update, donations and pledges have brought the fund projection to 82% of our goal. We acknowledge these gifts with sincere thanks and gratitude.

For the convenience of members in making future gifts, there are now Steeple Fund envelopes in the pew racks. The use of these envelopes will serve to clearly identify the intended use of your donation. If you prefer to make your donation electronically, don't forget that PayPal is available.

We give thanks to God that we all have been given this opportunity to express our faith in Him by undertaking this beautiful historic renovation, dedicated to His glory.

Bell vault ready for shipment
Pillars ready for shipment
Spire ready for shipment