The Session and Commissions

The Mission Interpretation Commission

            In order to fulfill its mandated duties and obligations, the Session of the Kingston Presbyterian Church has established various commissions and committees to serve in specific ministries of importance to the spiritual life of the congregation.  Currently serving elders lead each commission and members of the congregation volunteer to participate in fulfilling the responsibilities of each commission. The Clerk of Session, Elder Amy Raduzycki, and Elder David Luck, Chairperson of the Executive Committee are also members of the Session. The Pastor, Rev. Sharyl M. Dixon is the Moderator.



 Chairperson: Elder Scott Hodge

This Commission is responsible for the general maintenance, care and upkeep of the Kingston Presbyterian Church building, garage, Parish House, Manse and surrounding grounds and the historic Kingston Presbyterian Cemetery.  






                        The Manse


Chairperson: Elder Karen Emmons

            The Christian Education Commission organizes and administers the educational programs of the church consisting of: The Nursery, Sunday School (for ages 6 months through senior adults), Children’s Church, Vacation Bible School, the Junior High Confirmation Program, the Junior/Senior High Youth Group, Adult Bible Studies, and Discussion Groups.  


Chairperson: Elder Brad Radimer

            This Commission is responsible for the cleanliness and readiness of the church facilities for use including: supervision of janitorial staff, coordination of volunteers for facility clean-up projects in the kitchen, church sanctuary, Sunday School rooms, and Assembly Room.


Chairperson: Elder Rebecca Robinson

            This Commission oversees all evangelism, membership, and outreach efforts of Kingston Presbyterian Church including: maintain worship attendance records, reviewing the status of members, welcoming and visiting prospective members, media advertising of the church and special events, organizing the Annual Community Blueberry Festival, and Fellowship Sunday programs. 


Chairperson: Elder Laura Bedient

            The Mission Interpretation Commission informs the congregation about the needs and activities of the mission causes supported by the church, maintains regular contact with missionaries, relays regular updates to the church, evaluates mission opportunities, and oversees special mission offerings. 


 Chairperson: Elder Lois Foley

This Commission works with the Pastor to oversee the church’s music program and all aspects of the worship service not specifically undertaken by the pastor including: the needs of the church’s three choirs (children, adult and hand bell), oversight of the music library, maintenance of the musical instruments, and coordination of the ushers and their responsibility. 


                                                                                       The Handbell Choir


Chairperson:  Florence Perren-Diaz

            The Stewardship Commission endeavors to keep the congregation aware of our Christian commitment to utilize God-given time, talents and monies to help others. The Treasurer, Elder Brian Barcelo, is a member of the Stewardship Commission.  The Commission is responsible for the annual pledge campaign, preparation of the annual budget, the Memorial Gifts Committee, the education loan and scholarship funds, coordination with the Financial Secretary, and oversight of the counters. The Stewardship Commission is also responsible for the Memorial Gifts Committee, the Educational Scholarship and Loan Fund,  the Flower Fund, and the Website Work Group.