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P.O. Box 148
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Choir Rehearsal

       Join the Adult Choir ~ Rehearsals every Thursday ~ 7:30  – 9:00 PM. New members are MOST welcome to join us in the choir room and become a part of this dedicated and talented group.

Notes from the Organ Bench

In May and June, as our choir year comes to a close, we look back at the anthems we offered in worship from September to June and the choir is presented with a list of titles from which they vote for their top two or three favorites.  I reviewed the ballots from these five years that I have been privileged to serve as your choir director and compiled a list of ‘favorites.’  We will be sharing these anthems and notes from the choir members as to why this music is a particular favorite.

We observe All Saints Day on November 4 with a favorite.  John writes: “My favorite anthem is the John Rutter arrangement of the hymn When the Saints Go Marching In.  In addition to liking the hymn itself, I especially like this arrangement.  It is exciting, upbeat and a great deal of fun to sing.  Each part of the choir gets to sing the main melody.  The men introduce a jazzy sort of counter melody which gets combined with the main tune.  The mood changes in the middle section as the words talk of the moon turning to blood, but the bright key and tempo return and we have a big exciting ending.  The origins of When the Saints Go Marching In are unknown.  It seems to have evolved in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries from a number of similarly titled gospel songs.  The first known recording was made in 1923 by the Paramount Jubilee Singers.  Early recorded versions were slow and stately but as time passed recordings became more rhythmic and upbeat.  The melody has become a jazz standard and is particularly associated with the city of New Orleans.”

~Jean Volk, KPC Music Director