Europe, and the South Sudan of Africa


World Team - David Riddell attended KPC with his family beginning in childhood and eventually felt called into ministry.  He and his wife, Becky, joined World Team in 1986 while he was attending Westminster Theological Seminary.  He was ordained into the Bible Fellowship Church denomination and served as church planter in France beginning in 1988.  David moved up in the organization, becoming the Field Director of France in 1995. In 2005 he assumed the responsibilities of Europe Area Director and focused the region’s vision toward encouraging, stimulating and supporting at least three church multiplication movements across Europe.  Appointed as World Team’s International Director in 2008, David continues to maintain close ties with many KPC members who have known him throughout his life and continue to support his work.

 World Team exists to glorify God by working together to establish reproducing churches focusing on the unreached peoples of the world. The goal of missions is to glorify God by bringing people from every tribe, tongue, and nation into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Two billion people in our world are considered ‘unreached’. They are isolated from the gospel because of language, culture, geography, social, or political circumstances. Our desire is to make His name known among those who have never heard. (

The South Sudan-Africa

William & Hannah Levi (Operation Nehemiah)

In the South Sudan, Operation Nehemiah is doing everything possible to help rebuild the family, the church and the community as the country rebounds from 25 years of bloody war.  The church is growing. Over a period of time in 2012 we baptized over 100 people who have given their lives to Jesus Christ. Our Christian Radio station has been operating on a daily basis without breaking down for the last couple of years. The Gospel is going forward over the airwaves of the South Sudan.  We have open vast agricultural land and we are encouraging families to embrace Christ and sustainability.  Currently our major challenge is to raise $7,500 to purchase a well drilling compressor to help improve the strength of our drilling rig in the field. So far $2000 has been raised toward that goal. As the Lord leads, we pray that Kingston Presbyterian Church can help us with part of that funding. Over all we are doing very well on the home front.  We are very busy with daily activities - daily devotion to the word of God, homeschooling our children and running Operation Nehemiah Missions. Please contact us at levifamily1(at) Visit the website at 

2013 ministry goals: A generous and visionary donor has made it possible for us to begin drilling two solar powered wells in Borongole and the Beth Israel farmland this January.  We are also planning our 2013 mission trip the South Sudan from mid March through the end of April. Our goal is to encourage husbands in biblical marriage and child training. We will also be conducting literacy training for parents to equip them for homeschooling and biblical nation building.

 Note: This report is excerpted from newsletters written by President and Founder of Operation Nehemiah Missions, William Levi.




the Levites family : From Behind to Front: William, Abijah 9, Hadassah 6, Nechemyah 7 , Hannah, Jemimah 4 , Yerushah 7 months and Yehudah Levi 2