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Friends of Forman College – Pakistan

Dr. James Tebbe, a longtime friend of Kingston Presbyterian Church and former missionary to Pakistan, returned to Pakistan in September 2011 to be the rector of the Forman Christian College. KPC continues to give mission support to Dr. Tebbe at this new endeavor through Friends of Forman College. After 31 years under government control, Forman Christian College (FCC) was restored and placed once again in the hands of a Christian board and principal. Dr. Peter H. Armacost, president emeritus of Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, has been directing efforts to rebuild the school campus and revitalize its academic standards.
Rev. Jim Tebbe, vice-president of missions for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, was recently named president of Friends of Forman Christian College, and president-designate of the college. Tebbe and his wife, Beth, moved to Lahore to succeed Peter Armacost as FCC president. PC(USA) mission co-workers Doug and Margy Trimble are also serving at the school.

Forman Christian College has grown and blossomed as an educational institution after its return by the government of Pakistan. It has a vital student Christian group, a chaplain, and professors who are not ashamed of the Gospel.
We’re also attracting the best and brightest Pakistani Christian women into our newly established four-year bachelor’s degree program.

In a day when so many in Pakistan are becoming radicalized in terms of their religion, it is a major task of God’s people at Forman Christian College to educate both Muslim and Christian students in an atmosphere conducive to mutual respect. 
In the six years since Forman Christian College was returned to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) from the government of Pakistan the College has achieved remarkable progress.  Examples include:

  • The Christian student population has risen from fewer than 20 to more than 700 on the 4.430 student campus.
  • Of the 492 female students, 75 are Christians – 10 of those live on campus.
  • The number of Christian faculty has increased from 20 to 72.
  • Twelve Christian faculty members are Fulbright Scholars, who have earned their masters and doctoral degrees in the United States.

The Friends of Forman Spring Newsletter: Special Edition is dedicated to Malala Yousafzai and the millions of girls and women in Pakistan who yearn for a chance at even the most rudimentary education. In Pakistan today, less than half the women of the country are literate, and that rate falls below 25% in most rural areas. In some places, women’s education is actively opposed by groups like the Taliban, and in others, simply ignored. Forman Christian College is actively working to recruit more female students to the university program. The school also has a vital outreach operation to women in areas where there are no options for higher education. A PDF version of the Spring 2013 newsletter is available at

Dr. Christy Munir, Vice Principal of Forman Christian College, writes, We are a mission college and we must set an example of values. We must produce new generations of Christian pastors and strengthen the Church in our country. Christians in Pakistan do not have the opportunity for an excellent education except at Forman Christian College. Pakistani Christians are poor people. We offer them education and hope here at the College. 

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