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Pastor’s Message – Rev. Sharyl Dixon


Kingston Presbyterian Church

Where we seek to Welcome, Grow and Serve!     

Welcome to November! We have a lot going on this month as a church family. KPC will give thanks for the lives of our members who have died this last year on the 4th. We will dedicate our pledges and submit our spiritual gifts talent sheets also on the 4th, saying yes to our partnership in God’s ministry through this church for 2019. We will call and elect new leaders on the 18th. We are continuing to pray our way through the 40 days of prayer. We will continue to explore Joan Gray’s Sailboat Church, seeking to learn to sail. We are also preparing for Advent. There is a lot going on! The Spirit is moving and alive at KPC and we are glad you are here and a part of it all!                                                                                                           

The church calendar can feel busy but it can also feel like what we do at church doesn’t fit with what we experience the rest of the week. The news has been hard with lots of markers of hate and evil being spread and lived boldly. Where does our church calendar answer the questions of the world? Where do our schedule and activities speak to the hurting world we see on the news and read about in the papers? It can seem like we are hiding in our comfortable pews and playing at faith.

Trust that Sunday speaks to your week and the world’s needs. Gathering on Sundays for worship, learning in Sunday school and in Bible study, praying on Sundays and throughout the week are more than hiding and calendar fillers. Each time we focus on one of the points of our life as God’s people in this church, (Christ’s body, for this time and place), we are saying Yes to what God is doing, we are refusing to buy the lies that mercy and justice are dead, we are being empowered and equipped for the important work of loving God with all we are and loving our neighbors inside and outside of Sunday, and we are proclaiming there is hope to be had!

May this month be stuffed with things we give thanks for and places where we see God’s work alive through our church family and in the places God calls us to be God’s active, loving people, agents of hope this November. 

~Peace, Sharyl 

Greater South Brunswick Interfaith Thanksgiving Service Sunday, November 18 at 7:00 PM

hosted at Dayton Presbyterian Church.   

Please bring a dessert, appetizer or veggies to share.

Let’s gather and worship as neighbors!

~ Pastor’s Office Hours ~

You can find Sharyl in her office Tuesday & Wednesday 10 AM-2PM and always available by appointment. She is in her office other times each week but these are set aside for conversation, questions and prayer. Have you seen her cross collection? Stop in a have a cup of tea and conversation.

She’d love to hear your questions, opinions, stories and welcome you.

Fridays are her day off but of course ~ call if you have a pastoral emergency.