Kingston Presbyterian Church, Kingston, New Jersey
4565 Route 27
PO Box 148
Kingston, NJ 08528

Directions, Parking and Accessibility

Detailed Directions, Parking, and Accessibility Information are below OR click the Get Directions button under the map.

Traveling South on Route 27 as you approach the church, the ENTRANCE driveway is the second driveway on the right at the church.

Traveling North on Route 27 as you approach the church the first driveway on the left is the ENTRANCE driveway.

If you miss the Entrance driveway please DO NOT enter via the EXIT driveway as it will endanger pedestrians and drivers exiting the church.

If traveling North and you miss the Entrance driveway, please continue north a short distance and turn left onto Shaw Drive, then continue to Union St and turn left. Drive a short distance and you will see a short driveway on the left, which is the rear entrance to the church parking lot (there are a couple of houses on the right). Enter slowly and park in a parking space. (If cones block the Union St. entrance, please remove them to enter the lot and replace them). In the future please only enter and leave the parking lot via Route 27.

If traveling south and you miss the Entrance driveway, continue to the stop light at Laurel Ave. and turn right. Continue a short distance and turn right onto Union Street (YingHua International School is on the corner). Drive a short distance to the rear driveway to the parking lot on the right (there are a couple of houses on the right). If you get to Shaw Drive, you went too far. Note: (If cones block the Union St. entrance, please remove them to enter the lot and replace them). In the future please only enter and leave the parking lot via Route 27.

PARKING – Ample on-site parking is located in the church lot at the rear of the church. Traveling north or south on Route 27 the parking lot entrance driveway is located on the south side of the church. The parking lot can also be accessed from Union Street opposite the YingHua International School. (See above)

Handicapped Access –  Parking is available for visitors with Handicap Plaques. There are:

  • Two Handicap parking spaces (one is van accessible) next to the garage on the right as you enter the parking lot;

  • One Handicap parking space at the Kitchen Door of the Church.

  • There are two Handicap parking spaces (one van accessible) opposite the outside entrance to the electronic Life on the EXIT Driveway. Visitors or members who need to enter at ground level may do so at the ramp to the electronic lift.

Electronic Lift – Visitors who need wheelchair access or who have mobility issues are welcome to use the Electronic Lift. If approaching from the front sidewalk, please enter the ramp to the Electronic Lift on the right side of the church. For drivers, please enter the Entrance Driveway and drive around the rear of the building onto the EXIT driveway and drive to the Handicap parking spaces opposite the Entrance to the electronic lift ramp. Please park in a parking space before assisting a passenger to use the electronic lift. 

Proceed down the ramp and press the button on the lift door that is marked II. If the lift is on another floor please PRESS AND HOLD the button until it reaches Level II and the door opens automatically and remains open for 30 seconds. When inside the lift PRESS AND HOLD the button marked I for the Assembly Room or the button marked III for the Sanctuary. 

Please call the church office at 609-921-8895 prior to visiting if you cannot navigate stairs and need to use the electronic lift. For security, the Lift is locked. By calling ahead, we can ensure that it is accessible to you.

For travelers from Southern New Jersey, Trenton/Ewing area, and Pennsylvania we suggest the following Alternative Directions from I-295 due to the difficulty in navigating the short jug handle at Route 1 North and Ridge Rd.

  • Merge onto US-1 North via Exit 67 toward New Brunswick.

  • Travel 7.6 miles and take the College Road West ramp toward Forrestal Center West/Forrestal Village

  • Continue straight on College Rd West (center lane) through the first of two stop lights. Stay in the Center lane and continue straight through the second stop light onto Seminary Drive, (becomes CR-614). Continue straight through the next Stop light and travel 1.2 miles to Route 27/Lincoln Highway.

  • Turn right onto Route 27/Lincoln Highway and continue 0.2 miles through the stop light at Heathcote Rd/Laurel Ave.

  • The church is located 0.1 miles past the stop light, on the left. Turn into the first driveway (ENTRANCE) and proceed to the parking lot in the rear of the church.