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Choir Rehearsal ~ Cancelled ~ April Notes from the Organ Bench ~

KPC Members & Friends are invited to Join the Adult Choir when rehearsals resume ~ Every Thursday ~ 7:30  – 9:00 PM. New members are MOST welcome to join us in the choir room and become a part of this dedicated and talented group.

Notes from the Organ Bench…

Last year (2018-2019), your choir members chose favorite anthems that we have presented over the previous five years. This year we will present choral arrangements of hymns chosen by our singers  as some of their personal favorites. We will be sharing some information about these anthems and notes from the choir members as to why this hymn is a particular favorite.

Teddy’s selection will be the offertory anthem for the choir cantata. I learned “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow” (Ira F. Stanphill), one of my favorite hymns, from the bilingual Hymns of Life used by many Chinese Christian Churches around the world. All of my Chinese Christian friends love this song. The melody is beautiful and the words often move me to tears. It is because the song resonates with our lives, especially to those who have travelled across the world to face uncertainties and challenges in search for a better future. What a blessing it is to know that our future is in God’s hand, not only in this world but also in life everlasting.
Dear Church: I have provided this article regarding our choir favorite hymns. I hope that we will be able to present this anthem to you in church soon. ~Jean Volk, Organist/Choir Director