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Choir Rehearsal & Notes From the Organ Bench

       Choir Rehearsal Starts Thursday, September 6
Summer comes to a close and it’s time again for choir rehearsals to
begin. Adult choir rehearsals begin on Thursday, September 6, and are
held every Thursday night from 7:30 until 9:00 PM. New members are
MOST welcome to join us in the choir room and become a part of this
dedicated and talented group.g


Notes from the Organ Bench…In May and June, as our choir year comes to a close, we look back at the anthems we offered in worship from September to June and the choir is presented with a list of titles from which they vote for their top two or three favorites.  I reviewed the ballots from these five years that I have been privileged to serve as your choir director and compiled a list of ‘favorites.’  We will be sharing these anthems and notes from the choir members as to why this music is a particular favorite.

For September, we have two ‘favorites.’ Our first anthem for this year is Gloria, by Vivaldi.  LydiaGrace states: I love Vivaldi’s Gloria for so many reasons.  Perhaps the silliest reason is “Gloria” is one of my favorite chorale words to sing.  Along the way I’ve learned to put a hard “C” on the “G” of ‘gloria’ to make it pop the most and to roll the “R” to make it the most musical.  The vowel sounds are the best for blending with a classic Latin “O” and everyone’s favorite loud rounded ‘ah.’  One sentimental reason is in every choir I have sung in for more than a year, we have sung this song.  At New Castle High School in Indiana we sang “Gloria” – it was also my first time singing with an orchestra.

At Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, the Taylor Chorale sang “Gloria” as the opening number of our Christmas concert,  Here at Kingston, when we opened up “Gloria,’ Jean didn’t even have to teach the parts – she just said, “open your music’ and everyone expressed joyful familiarity.  It’s a song all (at least most) choir-loving people know.  Finally, there is something uniquely joyful about this anthem in KPC. – The way Jean plays the accompaniment is infectiously enthusiastic.  The choir knows their parts with such confidence.  And as with any familiar song of worship, when the brain knows what it is doing, the heart can fully engage: glory to God crescendos off the page.  You see it in every face, how good it is to praise our God together.

Our anthem for the last Sunday in September is Lead Me, Lord.  Tony likes “Lead Me, Lord,” by Samuel Sebastian Wesley because of the words, the tempo and the melody.  He states: “Easy to sing.”

~Jean Volk, KPC Music Director