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4565 Route 27
P.O. Box 148
Kingston, NJ 08528

Kickoff of Sign-Up Period for Photo Directory Appointments

Membership & Outreach invites KPC members and friends to sign-up for an appointment for a professional family portrait for our new church photo directory. Everything is done in one sitting on Tuesday June 26th, Wednesday June 27th, or Thursday June 28th.

You can make appointments for your sitting at the church or online at Instant Photo Appointment.

  • There is no cost to the church and no sitting fee for your family.

  • You will receive a free 8×10 portrait and a free copy of the directory for participation.

  • You will be professionally photographed, choose your pose on a computer for the directory and have the chance to make additional purchases all in one trip to the church.

If you wish you can take advantage of this offer to have other members of your family photographed in separate sittings.

Re:Member Church Directories will publish the directory. Please email Webmaster with any questions.