Kingston Presbyterian Church, Kingston, New Jersey
4565 Route 27
PO Box 148
Kingston, NJ 08528

Prayer Chain Luncheon ~ Guest Speaker ~ Rev. Beth Scibienski, author of Who is God, When We Hurt?

All are invited to the Prayer Chain Luncheon on Saturday, October 12th, 2019, 12PM to 2:00 PM. Rev. Beth Scibienski will be the guest speaker. Author of Who is God, When We Hurt?, Rev. Scibienski writes about loss, grief, faith and doubt in this moving account of coping with a major change in the life of her family.

The synopsis  of Who is God, When We Hurt?

“I’m sorry. It reads like Multiple Sclerosis. Go see the neurologist. There is treatment. He will know what to do now.”

With those words, Beth Scibienski’s life changes. Her husband of nine years, Pete, had been diagnosed with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. In Who is God When We Hurt, Beth, a newly-ordained pastor at the time of her husband’s diagnosis, tells stories of loss and grief, faith and doubt, from our own life and from life as the pastor of a dynamic, loving community of faith.

So often people question, “where is God when we hurt?” Beth’s experience has shown her that God was readily present in the people who surrounded her, and her parishioners, when they were hurting. Rather than “where is God,” a better question might be, “who is God when we hurt?”