Kingston Presbyterian Church, Kingston, New Jersey
4565 Route 27
PO Box 148
Kingston, NJ 08528

12/27/20 ~ Prerecorded (No in-person) ~ Worship Online with Kingston Presbyterian Church, Pastor Sharyl Dixon & Slackwood Presbyterian Church, Rev. Ryan Irmer ~ A reflective service based on Luke 2:22-40.

Those Who Dream Will Not Keep Silent

Dec 27th_PrerecordedService_Bulletin

Future services will continue to be in-person (via reservations) as well as live-streamed until further notice unless otherwise indicated. Please call or email the church office to reserve a social distanced space. 

Dates & Themes for November & December Worship

November 29 ~ Those Who Dream Keep Awake – (Hope)

December 6th ~ Those Who Dream Prepare the Way (Peace) & Communion

December 13th ~ Those Who Dream Sow Joy (Joy)

December 20th ~ Those Who Dream Are Not Alone (Love)

December 21st ~ Longest Night Service )prerecorded with Slackwood Presbyterian Church

December 24th ~ Christmas Eve Candlelight Service ~ This Night We Are Those Who Dream ~ 5:00 PM In-person only (max 20  with reservations) & 7:00 PM in-person & online (max 20 with reservations); Alternatively a single online service. If circumstances change an announcement will be made the Sunday before.

December 27th – Pre-recorded (no in-person) Service with Slackwood Presbyterian Church ~ Those Who Dream Will Not Keep Silent.