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Walking the Labyrinth during Holy Week

Walking a Labyrinth is an ancient practice used by many to pray, for centering, and contemplation. A labyrinth is not a maze. It has only one path to the center and back out, which is called unicursal (one line). It has no blind alleys or dead ends as mazes have. The path twists and turns back on itself many times before reaching the center. Once at the center, there is only one way back out.

In this way, the labyrinth symbolizes a journey to a predetermined destination (such as a pilgrimage to a holy site), or the journey through life from birth to spiritual awakening to death back to new life.

Holy Week is a perfect time to try and use this practice. As we approach Holy Week and Easter, a labyrinth will be drawn out onto the manse lawn. Our church family and the community will be invited to walk the labyrinth, to pray and to consider the journey of our Lord. Whenever it fits in your week, come and walk towards Easter in this meaningful way