Kingston Presbyterian Church, Kingston, New Jersey
4565 Route 27
PO Box 148
Kingston, NJ 08528

KPC’s Women’s Bible Study 2023 – 2024, Sacred Encounters, led by Pastor Sharyl meets every second Thursday until June 2024 at 12 Noon at KPC. Bring your lunch & dessert and beverage will be provided. Please call the church office if you need transportation.

2023–2024 Women’s Bible Study


The Power & Presence of Jesus Christ in Luke-Acts

The Women’s Bible Study group will meet at the church on Thurs- day, February 8, from noon until 2 pm, to explore Lesson 7 of  Sacred Encounters, “An Ethiopian Eunuch Encounters the Good News of Jesus”.  Rev. Sharyl Dixon leads the study.

God calls us to affirm that each person is a child of God who should be treated with dignity and equity. Lesson Seven’s story of the conversion of an Ethiopian eunuch provides a graphic illustration and symbol of the diverse persons who will constitute the church.

Please Bring your lunch.  Dessert & beverage will be provided. Contact the church office at 609-921-8895 to request or order the study book (cost $10.00).