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South Asia Mission – Pakistan

KPC has supported Dr. James Tebbe, Rector of Forman Christian College in Lahore and the Friends of Forman Christian College for many years.

“As a Christian institution living by our values, we extend that umbrella of God’s grace offered to all men and women regardless of ethnicity, religion or economic level, whether they are students, staff or faculty.” Dr. Jim Tebbe, Rector of Forman Christian College

Dr. James Tebbe, a longtime friend of Kingston Presbyterian Church and former missionary to Pakistan, was appointed Rector of Forman Christian College in September 2011 and he and his wife Beth, returned to Lahore, Pakistan. KPC continues to give mission support to Dr. Tebbe through Friends of Forman College. After 31 years under government control, Forman Christian College (FCC) was restored and placed once again in the hands of a Christian board and principal in 2003.

In a day when so many in Pakistan are becoming radicalized in terms of their religion, it is a major task of God’s people at Forman Christian College to educate both Muslim and Christian students in an atmosphere conducive to mutual respect. “In the 14 years since Forman Christian College was returned to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) from the government of Pakistan in 2003 the College has achieved remarkable progress. We have more than 7,000 students with several new classroom buildings up and running, new and refurbished dormitories, a revamped infra-structure and a staff of over 1,000 people. What other school do you know that has doubled in a dozen or so years (while adding an elementary school as well)? This turn-around is practically miraculous.

As Forman’s story continues to unfold, we are pleased to announce two very exciting developments coming in 2018 which will greatly enhance the mission of the college.

First – PCUSA is granting the 104 acres of land the college now sits on to Friends of Forman to own and manage as we continue the mission of educating future generations of Pakistan’s best and brightest students. There are several reasons why having an international owner will provide more stability for the college and why the PCUSA is ready to pass on this valuable property. Suffice it to say that we are grateful they trust Friends of  Forman with this important asset and we believe that this will stabilize FCC and its mission for years to come.

Second – We are excited to announce the launching of one of the most crucial buildings a college needs – a 160,000-square foot Campus Center/Library. Forman’s current library was built in the 1940s for a student body of 1,200 students so it is painfully outdated. A new digital library will anchor the ground floor. The campus center will function as the “dining room and living room” at the heart of the campus. This will be a great gathering location to encourage interaction between students and professors, shaping hearts and minds.

We believe these changes will truly enable Forman to “FLOURISH” as a modern, 21st century University, sprouting from the soil like a strong, spreading Banyan tree. In the days ahead, we will share more about these important developments. For now, please pray for more partners to join us as we get behind what God is doing at Forman today.