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Pastor’s Message – Rev. Sharyl Dixon



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I think October is my favorite month! I love the shift of season. I love the shift into cozy sweaters and autumn tempts. I love the changing leaves and the deep changing colors! I love the pumpkins, apples and hot cider. There is an invitation to change and let go in October that is gracious and welcoming and heartfelt. Often when we think of change we get anxious but the invitation of October is to beauty, comfort and community. In October we are invited to let go like the leaves for what is next. Psalm 121 and Romans 12 are the passages of scripture that are opening my heart to this new season. Do you hear the invitation is them?

The Deacons have responded to an invitation by the Spirit. The Deacons have been having a conversation about how we might benefit from letting go of what we think should happen in certain rooms of our church. How could our church spaces be better used to fit who we are now? It’s been a conversation with a lot of energy and hope. Empty nesters often enjoy redecorating to fit their new season of life. It’s the Deacons’ hope that the changes coming will do just this, help us let go and grow into our new season of life at KPC. Their projects will be about building our community and care.

Is there a space or room you have dreamed of being repurposed? Has the Holy Spirit given you an idea that would bring beauty, comfort and community to our church and Christ’s ministry through us? Talk with a deacon. Talk with others. Come talk with me. Let’s see where and how the Spirit might be moving among us for some new possibilities.

Some of the Elders and I went to a great workshop this spring that shared how some churches are exploring and changing into 21st Century churches. In their examples they encouraged all kinds of ideas that had at least 3 people behind it. If three people wanted to try something for 3 months the answer was YES. At the end of the 3 months there was an evaluation conversation to see what had happened, where the idea still had life and should it continue. It wasn’t an automatic assumption that it would continue. 3 months could be a project’s life and glory could be given to God. Rev. Deb Swift, pastor of South Presbyterian Church, Rochester, New York says, “We decided we can either start something new, transform what already exists, do a combination of those two or we can quit alto- gether and die.” They chose a combination that has given them new life and new ways to be God’s people together and doing ministry with Christ.

I wonder how the Holy Spirit is moving you? I wonder who might join you or you might join as the Spirit stirs a dream of ministry? I wonder what might be full of care, as we let go of previous seasons of our lives and embrace and explore some new possibilities for church and community? I wonder what the changes in our spaces might grow in our ministries and imagination alongside our God and alongside each other?!

As we embrace the changes of October, may we open our hearts to our God to see what beauty, possibility, call and care are on their way to us.

~Peace, Pastor Sharyl