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Pastor’s Message – Rev. Sharyl Dixon

January 2021


Where we seek to Welcome, Grow and Serve!

Happy New Year! I am always glad for a new year. I am thankful for new beginnings, new opportunities and fresh starts. This year will carry some of the challenges of 2020 but let us not miss the chance to go into this new year with purpose and faith.

As I’ve been praying over 2021, I keep coming back to Joshua 24:15b. “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Its a powerful verse. It is bold. It is inviting. It has heart and deep purpose. It has a claim for one person and then for all that call that place home. It sounds like us! We are called by God individually but then as a family and as a house of worship.

Thomas was the first to declare Jesus as Lord in John 20:28. Thomas who was a real, hands on faith kind of guy. He said to Jesus, “Show me.” And then he kept showing others. Thinking of Thomas and Joshua stirs my curiousity. They make me wonder: What does it mean to call God, Lord? What does it mean to be a home? What does it mean to serve? What would lit mean for us, (Individually and as a church) to live into this, this coming year? What questions does it bring up and spark for you? I’d love to hear them!

This month, I invite you to consider Joshua 24:15b, this declaration and this invitation, what it means for each of us individually but also as a church, the body of Christ at KPC and as followers of Jesus.

2020 was not what we expected in so many ways. 2021 is full of unknowns, except the one we called Lord. As we lean into this new year full of hopes, dreams and longings, may we seek to know our Lord and serve as we may.

In Christ’s Service, Pastor Sharyl