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Pastor’s Message – Rev. Sharyl Dixon

June 2020


Where we seek to Welcome, Grow and Serve!

              Our Pastor’s Reflections

Dear Church Family and Friends,

I continue to hold you each in my thoughts and prayers.

I am really mindful these days of the early church. The church started in the streets of Jerusalem and grew out of small gatherings in homes. Jesus’ followers welcomed, grew and served in all kinds of ways and in all kinds of places but not very often a building dedicated to their gathering or their worship.

I miss our being able to gather for worship together in person, but I am reminded of that oldie but goodie “I am the church! You are the church!” (I’m sorry – not sorry, if this tune now gets stuck in your head. If you don’t know it, call me and I will sing it to you.)

I am the church! You are the church! We are the church together!  All who follow Jesus, all around the world! Yes, we’re the church together!

The church is not a building; the church is not a steeple; the church is not a resting place; the church is a people.

I am the church! You are the church! We are the church together! All who follow Jesus, all around the world! Yes, we’re the church together!

We are called to be the church and that is what we have been doing since March and it is what we will continue to do until it is safe for us to gather again. Did I ever think of sending bulletins and sermons out as a time of prayer, lifting you and your families each Thursday? Did I ever think we would celebrate communion online? Did I ever think worship could be meaningful while we are apart? The answers are no, but I am thankful for the truth that we are connected through the gift and power of the Spirit.

As we miss meeting in person, we continue to be the church. We continue to live into our call as followers of Jesus. We continue to be the church of Jesus Christ and doing Christ’s ministry as we: reach out through phone calls and cards, as we worship online and reading the services at home, as we pray for each other and our world, as we gather on conference calls, as we give thanks, as we continue to contribute to our mission partners, as we care for neighbors with check-ins and various acts of care, as we make masks, as the garden is planted, as we have filled the Blessing Box, as we pray on Wednesdays and as we have fellowship on Zoom after worship (let us know if you’d like to join us – you bring your coffee, we will provide the fellowship).

I keep coming back to Romans 12. Go, read it and sit with this great chapter. Imagine Paul writing this chapter to us. See what grabs your heart. Be encouraged by Paul’s words to the early church. Be affirmed as we live into being the church in new ways and old ways.

Being church with you all is something that is so good! I continue to give thanks every day for each of you and the privilege it is to be church alongside you even as we are apart. Thanks be to God that being church, like we find in Acts, is not dependent on the building but on our being led by the Spirit and our seeking to follow Jesus, love God, love neighbor and love ourselves. May we continue to do so, that others might know we are the church not so much by our building but by how we live our faith and our actions of love.

In Christ and with Christ, Pastor Sharyl