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Pastor’s Message – Rev. Sharyl Dixon


June Pastor’s Message

When the world seems to be coming undone and especially when there is joy to be celebrated, we can turn to God. In the Psalms we have 150 different records of God’s people heartbroken, angry, navigating life and also overcome with gratitude. This summer we are jumping into the Psalms in our sermon series: A Summer of Psalms: Fueling Faith with Practical Prayers. Each week we will explore a Psalm alongside a New Testament character that we have paired with imagining that person might have prayed that week’s psalm. Each week through our liturgy, prayers, sermon and music we will take in the wisdom, seek God’s peace, call and the comfort of Jesus’ prayer book.

The book of Psalms (or Psalter) has been called the church’s hymnal and prayer book. Composed and collected over a period of five hundred years (roughly 1000 to 500 BCE), the 150 biblical psalms include hymns of praise, songs of thanksgiving, prayers of lament, and wisdom psalms. This remarkable collection of poetry, prayer, and praise reflects a broad range of religious faith, liturgical life, historical and personal experience.

Along with Isaiah, the book of Psalms is one of the most quoted books of Hebrew Scripture in the New Testament. Jesus makes reference to the psalms in a number of places—notably, in his cry from the cross (Matt. 27:46, Ps. 22:1). Acts, the Epistles, and Revelation are full of allusions to the psalms. Early Christians understood the psalms as a foundation for their worship and faith lived out. The church before and through the Reformation used the psalms to center their prayers and music and worship.

May we find practical fuel for our faith, as we seek to live into the traditions of the psalms as they lift our cries of heartbreak and joy to our God who is always ready and open to our truest feelings and selves. Thanks be to God. Pastor Sharyl  

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