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Pastor’s Message – Rev. Sharyl Dixon

April 2021


Where we seek to Welcome, Grow and Serve!

Happy April! But more importantly Happy Easter and Happy Eastertide! I love the power and reflection of Lent but I rejoice, my heart is glad and my soul is always ready for Easter. I feel this more so this year. I long for the good news after so much hard, so much sadness, so much destruction and so much death. Things will be different on this side of Easter. There is new life, and new hope to claim.

As you can see the daffodils have finally sprung to life. They have taken more time to appear this year. But the disciples didn’t exactly spring into rejoicing on that first Easter morn. Before they will be in the streets of Jerusalem at Pentecost, they will hide in the upper room, they will be afraid, they will doubt, they will ask to touch Jesus, they will go back to their old ways, they will walk alongside Jesus and not recognize him. It will take some time for them to fully take in the gift and glory of Easter.

I know we are all ready to be in the sunshine, to rejoice, to find new life but please be kind with yourself and each other. It may be we need a little time to reach out, to reach up and to come back into the fullness of life this season.

May this Eastertide, (the season between Easter and Pentecost), be a season of grace for you. May this Eastertide be a time to reflect on how you need Jesus to save you. May this Eastertide be a time to receive the new life and new growth you long for and want to tend. May this Eastertide be a time of discovery of what God has done and what God is doing. May you be surprised by the grace of God extended wide for you and for all made in God’s image. May this Eastertide fill you with joy and the good news that God is alive and with us and ready for there to be so much more life! This is my Eastertide prayer for each of you.

~Pastor Sharyl                        Psalm 19 & John 20:18