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Pastor’s Message – Rev. Sharyl Dixon

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AUGUST 2022       

There is an invitation in summer time that bids us to relish and enjoy goodness. The freshness of the garden. Tomatoes, watermelon and corn are in their glory this month. How lucky are we to live in a place where these are the best? I could eat those three all summer long! What are your favorite things to eat in summer? What tastes good to you?

There is something that happens when we taste something good. When something is good, we slow down, we savor, we appreciate it and we want to share it.

Psalm 34:8 calls us to, “Taste and see the Lord is good.”  What an invitation! But what does it mean to “Taste and see the Lord is good.”? The Psalmist is invoking the meal following a thanks offering, which was used to recall and give thanks for all God has done. The Psalmist wants us to remember too what God has done, and where God has been alongside us. The Psalmist names for themselves God is good and then turns to others and says, “Remember and taste, savor the goodness of God with you as well.”

We remember better together. I can think of so many meals and times of refreshment for the body and soul where we lingered and shared remembrances of good times and good things. Our gratitude grows when we share it. We harvest not only gratitude but fellowship as we remember and claim God’s goodness.  Especially in hard times, it is good to remember more. I think this is part of what Jesus was doing at the last supper, gathering his friends, calling them to remember and name God’s goodness among them.

This August, I invite you to be intentional about remembering and naming where God has been good and with you. Who might you invite to share a meal, tea, or watermelon with to practice what Psalm 34 names?  August can be a long hot month. Beat the heat in the refreshing exercise of connection and community. I encourage you to set out to do this at least twice, but a gold star if you can do it more. I know you will be blessed by your time with a friend or family member or neighbor. 

May there be sweetness and goodness in your August as you “Taste and see the Lord is good”.

Peace, Pastor Sharyl