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Sermon Archive

Welcome to the KPC

You are welcome to peruse the archive and listen to audio versions of sermons beginning on September 10th, 2017. Back then our congregation began an exciting adventure to better understand who God is, how God works, and who we are, through God’s story as told in the scriptures. For 31 weeks (breaking for a few rest stops) KPC Pastor, Rev. Sharyl Dixon led us as through an exploration of The Story: The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People by Zondervan – Max Lucado (Foreword), Randy Frazee (Foreword). 

We had the unique opportunity to listen to audio readings of each chapter of The Story by our 2018-2019 Seminary Intern LydiaGrace Quine-Espirtu Gray. LydiaGrace’s YouTube recordings precede sermons based on the same chapter by Pastor Sharyl. LydiaGrace and other guest speakers also preached several sermons throughout the year. We completed The Story in the spring of 2018 and returned to the Liturgical Calendar.

You can search the Sermon pages for the listing of books of the Bible covered in the chapters of the story as well as all sermons preached through the year. You can also search by the names of speakers and the months and dates of sermons. The sermon archive as well as the Home Page lead with the latest sermon uploaded and they go back to September 10, 2017. Please scroll down the Sermon Archive page and follow the page guide to the dates you wish to hear.