Kingston Presbyterian Church, Kingston, New Jersey
4565 Route 27
PO Box 148
Kingston, NJ 08528

Sermons by Naveen Enock

6/9/2024 ~ KPC Worship with Pastor Sharyl, KPC Children and Youth, leading the celebration of KPC’s Sunday School and 3 Scholarship Aware Recipients. Karen Emmons, Sydney Luck’s Confirmation Sponsor presented Sydney to the congregation and Sydney affirmed her Statement of Faith and her confirmation project. A celebration cake was served after worship.

Worship Bulletin ~ June 9 2024 Online Bulletin Thanks to: Pastor Sharyl Dixon, Worship Leader, Sydney Luck, Liturgist, Children’s Time, & Confirmand; Domani Deak, Prayer of the Day; Melissa Hodge, Naveen Enock, Harper Robinson, Victoria Luck, Prayer of Confession; Marie Luck, Recognition of Sunday School teachers and children and high school graduates; Courtney Emmons, Connor…

12/24/23_Christmas Eve Morning Worship at 11am in person and online at YouTube. Pastor Sharyl led Advent 4 with the Advent theme, “How Does a Weary World Rejoice?” & the answer, “We are Amazed” based on Luke 1:46-55. Brad Clifton served as Liturgist, Dr. Gonzalo Aguilar provided organ & piano music with hymns led by Cantor Peyton Dixon. Naina & Naveen Enock lit the Advent Candles.

Worship Bulletin ~ December 24 2023 am Online Bulletin Thanks to: Pastor Sharyl Dixon, Worship Leader; Naina & Naveen Enock, Advent Candlelighting; Brad Clifton, Liturgist; Dr. Gonzalo Aguilar, Organ & Piano Accompanist;  Peyton Dixon, Cantor and Offertory soloist, “Do You Hear What I hear”, arr. Emily Crocker.

6/11/2023 ~ KPC worship led by Pastor Sharyl Dixon in celebration of KPC’s children and our 300th Anniversary. Pastor Sharyl was assisted by Melissa Hodge, Youth Partner, in the Homily message, “Children of the Church”. Scripture passages: Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Psalm 119:105; Matthew 19:13-14.

Worship Bulletin ~ June 11 2023 Online Bulletin-2 Thanks to: Children of the Church who served as Liturgists: Katherine Emmons, Domani Deak, Naina Enock, Katie Bachman, Naveen Enock, Sydney Luck; Melissa Hodge, KPC Youth Partner;  Gonzalo Aguilar, Pianist who provided worship music. Congratulations to Katie Bachman, recipient of KPC’s 2023 Education Scholarship of $1,000 presented…