Kingston Presbyterian Church, Kingston, New Jersey
4565 Route 27
PO Box 148
Kingston, NJ 08528

Sermons from November 2023

11/26/2023 ~ KPC Worship led by Seminarian Audrey Thorne with the message, “Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart”based on Psalm 136. Rip Diringer served as Liturgist, Dr. Gonzalo Aguilar provided worship music and accompanied Cantor Peyton Dixon’s presentation of the Offertory Solo, “Wonder, Love, and Praise, arr. by Ray D. Hattan. The Enock Family hosted After Worship Refreshments.

Worship Bulletin ~ November 26 2023 Online Bulletin-1 Thanks to: Seminarian Audrey Thorne, Guest Preacher; Rip Diringer, Liturgist; Dr. Gonzalo Aguilar, Piano Accompanist; Peyton Dixon, Cantor; Joseph Kwan, Prayers of the People; Bea Hwong, AV Tech; The Enock Family, Hosted After Worship Refreshments.

11/19/23 ~ Pastor Sharyl leads KPC Worship on this special Sunday featuring a Time Capsule Ceremony, blessing our Pledges, a congregational meeting and her message, “We Have and We Shall Serve the Lord” based on Matthew 25:36-41. Steve Parker served as Liturgist and the KPC Praise Band, “Calling on Him” provided worship music.

Worship Bulletin ~ November 19 2023 Online Bulletin Thanks to: Pastor Sharyl Dixon, Worship Leader including Children’s Message & 300th Anniversary Time Capsule Ceremony; Steve Parker, Liturgist; Joseph Kwan, Prayers of the People; Calling on Him, led by Nick Robinson, Worship Music; Connor Emmons, buried Time Capsule; Bea Hwong, Naina Enock, A/V Tech; Membership &…

11/12/2023 ~ KPC worship began with the Prelude by the Handbell Choir, “O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee”, Henry Smith, arr. Isch. Seminarian Joseph Kwan served as Guest Preacher with the Children’s Message and the sermon, “Called to the Community, Committed to the Sacred” based on Joshua 24: 1-3a, 14-25. Amy Raduzycki served as Liturgist, Dr. Gonzalo Aguilar provided worship music and Cantor, Peyton Dixon led hymns.

Worship Bulletin ~ November 12 2023 Online Bulletin Thanks to: Joseph Kwan, Guest Preacher & Children’s Message assisted by Pastor Sharyl and Audrey Thorne; Amy Raduzycki, Liturgist: Dr. Gonzalo Aguilar, Pianist; Peyton Dixon, Cantor; Handbell Choir, led by Nancy Wright, Director; Catherine Emmons, author of Prayer of the Day; Bea Hwong & Najeeb Enock, A/V…

11/5/2023 ~ KPC Worship on All Saints Day led by Pastor Sharyl Dixon. The service of remembrance and thanksgiving included welcoming four new members, the Homily, “Witnesses” based on Psalm 100 and Hebrews 12:1-3, and the Sacrament of Communion. Dr. Gonzalo Aguilar provided worship music, and accompanied the Adult Choir Offertory Anthem , “River in Judea” and Cantor, Peyton Dixon led the hymns.

Worship Bulletin ~ November 5 2023 Online Bulletin Thanks to Pastor Sharyl Dixon for the Service of Remembrance and Communion, Welcoming New Members, and inviting all to the open table for the Sacrament of Communion; Elder Scott Hodge, Liturgist; Leah Hodge, Children’s Time; Dr. Gonzalo Aguilar, Worship Music and accompaniment of the Adult Choir; Peyton…