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3/10/2022 ~ Video Overview of Women’s Bible Study by Pastor Sharyl ~ What My Grandmothers Taught me; Learning from the Women in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus: Lesson 7, Mary.

Like the other women in our study this year, Mary was a woman on the outside of her social situation, vulnerable but strong.  She was a young girl, in danger of complete disgrace, who had the courage to say “Yes” to God.  Although Luke & John gave Mary something to say, and the four Gospels and Acts mention some of what she did, we have no idea where Mary came from, who her parents were, or anything else about her.  What we do know is that God chose her to be the woman “of whom Jesus was born.” 

Pastor Sharyl will present a recap of each lesson on our KPC YouTube channel,  We are glad to have you join in as you are able. Bring your lunch; dessert and beverage will be provided. Masks are required. For more information or to request transportation, please contact the church office at 609-921-8895.