Kingston Presbyterian Church, Kingston, New Jersey
4565 Route 27
PO Box 148
Kingston, NJ 08528

6/9/2024 ~ KPC Worship with Pastor Sharyl, KPC Children and Youth, leading the celebration of KPC’s Sunday School and 3 Scholarship Aware Recipients. Karen Emmons, Sydney Luck’s Confirmation Sponsor presented Sydney to the congregation and Sydney affirmed her Statement of Faith and her confirmation project. A celebration cake was served after worship.

Worship Bulletin ~ June 9 2024 Online Bulletin

Thanks to: Pastor Sharyl Dixon, Worship Leader, Sydney Luck, Liturgist, Children’s Time, & Confirmand; Domani Deak, Prayer of the Day; Melissa Hodge, Naveen Enock, Harper Robinson, Victoria Luck, Prayer of Confession; Marie Luck, Recognition of Sunday School teachers and children and high school graduates; Courtney Emmons, Connor Emmons, Austin Hodge, Claire Hodge, Sunday School Singers; Nancy Wright, Piano; Naveen Enock, Victoria Luck, & Harper Robinson, KPC Scholarship Award Recipients; Karen Emmons, Sydney Luck’s Confirmation Sponsor; Catherine Emmons, Domani Deak, Sydney Luck, with Naveen Enock & Naina Enock, Priority/Love Display; Carol Luck, Affirmation of Faith; Catherine Emmons, Invitation to the Offering; Nick Robinson, Director, Rebecca Robinson, Chris Emmons, Karen Emmons, Ann Deak, KPC Praise Band, Calling on Him; Bea Hwong, Najeeb Enock, A/V Tech Support; Scott Hodge, Head Usher; Linda Parr, Greeter; Kathleen Garber, Nancy Wright,  Bulletin Prep.

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