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The Word of God Through Music: Choir Cantata & Scripture Readings

The Word of God Through Music

The Word of God Through Music, the 2018 Choir Cantata with scripture readings was presented by The KPC Adult Choir on Sunday, April 29, during our worship service.  The Cantata was directed by KPC Music Director, Jean Volk who also provided piano accompaniment to the anthems. Pastor Sharyl Dixon and Beatrice Hwong, Liturgist, presented the accompanying scripture readings. The Cantata anthems as well asThe Prelude, the Offertory and all hymns were all written by contemporary women composers, including Natalie Sleeth, Mary E. Caldwell, Harriet Ziegenhals, Amy Tate Williams, Ruth Elaine Schram, Amy Marcy Beach, and Alice Parker. Biographical information on the women composers can be found at Choir Cantata.

The Word of God Through Music ~ Contemporary Women Composers

Spring Prayer                                                                                 Mary E. Caldwell

                            Hannah’s Prayer ~ 1 Samuel 2:1-10

You Shall Have a Song                                                              Harriet Ziegenhals

                           Ruth’s Profession ~ Ruth 1:16

Only Jesus                                                                                     Amy Tate Williams

                          Mary’s Declaration ~ Luke 10:38-42

I Need Thee Every Hour                                                              arr. Alice Parker

                          Hearing Mary’s Call ~ John 20:11-18

When You Call                                                                           Ruth Elaine Schram

                          Philippians 4:4-7

With Prayer and Supplication                                                  Mrs. H.H.A Beach

                         The Song of Deborah ~ Judges 5:1-12a

Closing Anthem:   Joy in the Morning                                        Natalie Sleeth