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Worship ~ Lent 2022 ~ Lenten Practices to Strengthen Your Faith. Click the link below for practices from Ash Wednesday, March 2nd to April 17, Easter Sunday.

Lent 2022 Practices

Lent invites us to be intentional about our faith step by step in the journey towards Easter. This Lent we will stretch and strengthen our spiritual disciplines. May this be a tool that walks and works with you. Each week we will focus on one theme.

By fasting and choosing well what we feast on, by giving back to God, by living into acts of service, by prayer and by worship, we will journey through this Lent with focus and care.

Just as we go to the gym or do certain exercises to strengthen our bodies, Lent is meant to work out our spirits and our hearts. Again and again, Lent invites us to slow the busyness of life and reorient ourselves with our loving God. We remember that we are not God, nor are we responsible for fixing everything but we are responsible for our relationship with God and how we love out in the world.

You are invited to create a space in your home to center your Lenten time. You might gather some purple (the color of Lent) items, a candle, a rock, a shell, a pebble from the Baptismal font, your Bible and anything else that draws your heart and mind into a time of reflection and Lenten devotional.

May you practice well and know God loves you, and may Easter be even sweeter on the other side of Lent.

Pastor Sharyl