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Worship ~ Lenten Devotionals

Welcome to Lent!

The liturgical season of Lent invites us to refocus on God as we prayerfully examine our priorities, actions, thoughts and expectations. Often, we give something up for Lent as a way of reminding us daily of Jesus’ sacrifice. We might also take on additional spiritual practices or acts of service so as to follow Jesus more closely. This year’s Lenten Sermon Series and Devotional invite you to both “Let go and Hold on”. Each week offers you the opportunity to Let Go of that which distracts from discerning God’s presence and instead Hold On to that which God promises. These reflections will deepen your Lenten journey.

  • Week 1- Lent Devotions_2020_week1 asks us to let go of that which separates us and hold on to communion with God and others, trusting God’s promise to never leave us.

  • Week 2 – Lent Devotions_2020_week2_ calls us to set aside empty words and hold on to God’s wisdom, knowing that God promises to give us the words we are called to speak.

  • Week 3 – Lent Devotions_2020_week3_ invites us to let go of perfectionism and instead hold on to God’s care, trusting God’s promise of compassion and nurture.

  • Week 4 asks us to let go of our fear in order to embrace the gift of God’s promised peace.

  • Week 5 Lent Devotions_2020_week5_urges us to let go of judgment and hold on to God’s amazing grace.

  • And during Holy Week we are invited to let go of death in order to attend to the abundant life Jesus promises.

Additional Lenten Resources:

Lenten Activity Calendar  The Lenten Activity Calendar invites you and/or your family to a different way to practice your faith each day.  Lenten Devotional Calendar_from Presbyterian Hunger Program

 2020 Lenten Devotional “Life of the Beloved” – based on the book by Henri Nouwen : This devotional is a piecing together of Nouwen’s writing and call to embrace our life as God’s beloved. Lenten Devotional 2018-1 _Henri Nouwen

Faith in Focus and 40 bags in 40days Lenten Challenge (one sheet) For the forty days of Lent explore and pray through the words of this Faith in Focus devotional by taking pictures each day. May the exploring of the words move towards a deeper Lent. Lenten Devotional_FaithinFocus_40Bagsin40Days

40 bags in 40 days is a forty day period (coinciding with the 40 days of Lent) where you declutter (let go) one area a day. The goal is one bag a day (the size of bag isn’t important), however you can Let Go by removing, recycling or repurposing. This letting go will give you more space in your home, head and heart.  The 2020 Challenge starts February 26 and goes to April 12.

Download the Devotional APP D365 from the Apple or Google Play Stores for your phone or tablet or go daily to the website

Where might you be freed in letting go? Where might you heal and grow by holding on to God’s gifts of connection, wisdom, care, peace, grace and life? We pray these weeks of worship and devotions bless you and enrich your Lenten journey and make your Easter a deeper blessing and a gift of new life in new ways this year.

~Pastor Sharyl