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1/13/2022 ~ Video Overview of Women’s Bible Study by Pastor Sharyl ~ What My Grandmothers Taught Me: Learning from the Women in Matthew’s Genealogy of Jesus ~ Lesson 5, Ruth.

This is the video recap of Lesson 5 by Pastor Sharyl. Ruth’s story requires two lessons to do her justice. In this lesson, the second half of her story, we learn how Ruth, who is from a despised foreign group, and Naomi, her mother in-law, overcome their challenges to create a divine outcome.

Why tell the story of Ruth?  The author of the study suggests 3 reasons.  1. The story shows God’s action through ordinary people who are acting with godly characteristics.  2. To make us aware of our prejudices.  Ruth was from one of the least acceptable foreign nations – Moab.  And 3.  The loyalty between outsider and insider that gives hope for the future.  Ruth & Naomi support each other.  And Ruth & Boaz, representing opposite ends of the spectrum of social acceptability, see the truth of each other’s characters and trust that truth.  In the end, Ruth, a Moabite, is shown to be the main reason King David’s family line can continue.

Pastor Sharyl’s video recap of each lesson on KPC’s can be found at Recent Sermons on the website Home Page HERE and KPC’s YouTube channel HERE.