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1/14/2021 ~ Overview of Women’s Bible Study ~ Chapter 4 ~ Hope from Lament ~ Pastor Sharyl Dixon

Horizon Women’s Bible Study 2020–2021

The Women’s Bible Study group meets on every month on the 2nd Thursday from 1:30 – 2:30PM using Zoom via computer or telephone. Rev. Sharyl Dixon led the study of Lesson 4, “Lamenting Death.” This video is the overview that Pastor Sharyl records a few days after the Bible Study. The study focuses on John 11:28-37.

The death of someone we love causes us to mourn. Is mourning the same as lamenting? Mourning and lamenting have sorrow, suffering, and grief in common. But it is possible to mourn  without  lamenting.  Mourners don’t ask God to act and change the situation. Lamenters do. Lesson 4 exam- ines the stories of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead and also his raising of Jairus’s daughter. As an example of a contemporary lament, the author writes about Terezin, a Nazi concentration camp built in 1941, where art and music were used to express the lamentations of the prisoners.