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10/17/2022 ~ Pastor Sharyl leads the Video Overview of the Horizon Women’s Bible Study, Lesson 1, “Celebrating Sabbath-Accepting God’s Gift of Rest & Delight”

2022–2023 Horizon Women’s Bible Study – CELEBRATING SABBATH Accepting God’s Gift of Rest and Delight

Pastor Sharyl leads this video overview of Chapter 1 of Celebrating Sabbath, this year’s Women’s Bible Study which was held in person at KPC on October 13th. If you weren’t able to attend please enjoy this video overview.

Is the Sabbath a burden or a blessing to you?  This Celebrating Sabbath  Bible Study explores how we can best enjoy and appreciate God’s gift of the Sabbath.

In the Jewish tradition, Sabbath is greeted as a bride.  When “she” is present, it is a time of joy, a time to enjoy each other’s company and give thanks for the beauty of life.  If we want to accept Jesus’ invitation to rest and delight, first we have to stop and make room for all that Sabbath says “yes” to.  To stop is to make space for the gift of Sabbath by saying “no” to some less important things that crowd our day.

This year Pastor Sharyl will again present a video recap of each lesson. It will be available on the website home page at Recent Sermons and on the KPC YouTube channel HERE. This year is going to be a great study and we are glad to have you join in as you are able.