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2/11/2021 ~ Overview of Women’s Bible Study ~ Chapter 5 ~ Finding Hope through Prayers of Lament ~ Pastor Sharyl Dixon

Finding Hope through Prayers of Lament

The Women’s Bible Study group will meet on Thursday, February 11, from 1:30 – 2:30pm using Zoom via computer or telephone. Rev. Sharyl Dixon will lead  the study of Lesson 5, “Lamenting Life.” Rev. Sharyl will send out the link for the Zoom meeting and will also record an overview of Lesson 5 which will be available on KPC’s YouTube channel.

Lament is as complex and varied as the people who lament are complex and varied. Sometimes life itself can be a cause for lament. In this lesson we look at different examples of lamenting life (for instance, Job), and also consider what we can do as we walk alongside someone who is struggling with life. One of the purposes of voicing a lament is to open a line of communication between the lamenter and God. Remember the question: “Who are you?” and the answer: “I am a child of God.” For more information please call the church office at 609-921-8895.


You don’t have to be a woman to learn from this year’s study. If you aren’t able to be with us for the Women’s Bible Study remember an overview like this one is always posted the next Monday here on our website in Recent Sermons and on our KPC YouTube Channel at