Kingston Presbyterian Church, Kingston, New Jersey
4565 Route 27
PO Box 148
Kingston, NJ 08528

2/11/2024 ~ Pastor Sharyl leads worship and introduces the first sermon of the Lenten series, “Wandering Heart ~ Figuring Out Faith with Peter”. Brad Clifton served as Liturgist, Dr. Gonzalo Aguilar provided worship music, and Cantor Peyton Dixon led hymns. The KPC Handbell Choir directed by Nancy Wright presented the Offertory Anthem, “Immortal, Invisible” arr. Donald Allured

Worship Bulletin ~ February 11 2024 Online Bulletin

Thanks to: Pastor Sharyl Dixon, Worship Leader; Brad Clifton, Liturgist; Worship Music, Dr. Gonzalo Aguilar; Cantor, Peyton Dixon; Offertory Anthem, KPC Handbell Choir, Immortal, Invisible arr. Donald Allured, directed by Nancy Wright.