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Storytime with Pastor Sharyl reading “Maybe I Can Love My Neighbor Too” by Jennifer Grant (Author) and Benjamin Schipper (Illustrator)

In Maybe I Can Love My Neighbor Too, a young girl wonders how to be a good neighbor to the dozens of people in her apartment building, the people on the street, and the other kids at the park. With help from her mama, the girl discovers that all it takes is a little kindness and creativity to show love to neighbors near and far.

Learn about Maybe I Can Love My Neighbor Too

A book about loving your neighbor with kindness and creativity from the author of the award-winning picture book Maybe God Is Like That Too.

“Find out what happens when an observant girl with a ponytail and bright pink pants decides to look for the good in others with an open mind and a giving heart in this feel-good story about the power of positivity. From an apartment window high above to the grass of a city park below, she notices small random acts of kindness and determines that she, too, can love her neighbors — all the world over.”

– Foreword Reviews

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